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Organizational Structure & Membership

Introduction: The Bharatiya Sindhu Sabha has two categories of members. Active Members: Are those members selected by the governing council from among the ordinary members who are actively contributing to the growth of the Bharatiya Sindh..

Mahila Vibhag





  FOUNDERS OF BHARATIYA SINDHU SABHA   Late Shri Jhamatmal Wadhwani   ( 10th March 1921 to 17th April 2007 )     [Founder President Bharatiya Sindhu Sabha]        Late Shri Kewal Malkani   ( 19th November 1921 to 27th Oct 2003 )       Late Shri Hashu Advani ( 22nd February 1926 to 22nd July 1995 )      Late Shri Chhatrasal Mukta     PATRON: LATE SHRI KEWAL MALKANI ..


   Sindhi Academy- appointment of commissioners for Sindhi’s- Sindhi National Library-Institutes for Sindhi Studies-Sindhu Bhavan-Cheti Chand Holiday – Sindhi Language in VIII Schedule- Sindhu Darshan Yatra-Honoring Eminent Sindhi’s- Felicitating Meritorious Students- Educational Assistance- Ambulance. Over the past Three decades The BHARATIYA SINDHU SABHA has taken up several issues concerning Sindhis, Sindhi language and Culture. Some of the notable issues are as follows ..

The Story of Bharatiya Sindhu Sabha

   The Partition of India resulted in grave injustice to a small community of Hindus who lived on the banks of the river Sindhu (Indus) in the state of Sindh (now in Pakistan).This small minority was uprooted from their homes, their culture and way of life almost destroyed their ancient traditions which can be traced back to Harrappa and Mohen- jo-daro ground to dust. A community which taught city life and communal living to the world was turned into Nomads. The Sindhi refugees ..

Aims & Objectives

The Main Aims and Objectives of the Bharatiya Sindhu Sabha are: Unifying the Sindhi community. Service of the nation and Humanity. Preserving and Strengthening Sindhi Culture, Language, Heritage, Social characteristics and the unique Sindhi way of life. Character Building Development of Socio-cultural institutions...