Aims & Objectives
Bharatiya Sindhu Sabha   24-Aug-2020
Bharatiya Sindhu Sabha _1
Unifying the Sindhi – Strengthening Sindhi Culture – Character Building – Service – Socio-cultural institutions – Literary and Artistic avenues- Social Welfare 
The Main Aims and Objectives of the Bharatiya Sindhu Sabha are:
  • Unifying the Sindhi community.
  • Service of the nation and Humanity.
  • Preserving and Strengthening Sindhi Culture, Language, Heritage, Social characteristics, and the unique Sindhi way of life.
  • Character Building
  • Development of Socio-cultural institutions.
AND With a view to achieving the Aims and Objectives, to carry out the following Activities:-
a) Informal Educational :
To impart guidance to parents on how to orient themselves and to impart training to children with regard to imbibing Sindhi culture within the framework of the Indian Constitution.
b) Formal Education :
To run and Assist schools, colleges, libraries and other educational institutions and to provide ancillary services such as hostels and youth centres, where suitable ideals of Sindhi and Indian culture will be ingrained.
c) Promoting Literary and Artistic avenues:
To encourage Sindhi writers, poets, novelists, artists and in general to promote Sindhi literature, arts, research, newspapers, journals, books and other kinds of media and communication specially through the medium of Sindhi anguage in order to encourage the use of Sindhi as mother tongue among Sindhi families.
d) Development of Panchayats:
To establish suitable norms in business and other occupations and to encourage the settlement of disputes thru Panchayats, and encourage the participation in social functions on occasions such as birth, marriage, festivals and death ceremonies.
e) Social Welfare :
To run and assist organisations for social welfare including relief of poverty, medical and health facilities, homes for old people and the handicapped, orphanages, rescue homes, homes for widows, destitute children, pilgrimage shelters, etc.