The Story of Bharatiya Sindhu Sabha
Bharatiya Sindhu Sabha   25-Aug-2020

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The Partition of India resulted in grave injustice to a small community of Hindus who lived on the banks of the river Sindhu (Indus) in the state of Sindh (now in Pakistan).
This small minority was uprooted from their homes, their culture and way of life almost destroyed their ancient traditions which can be traced back to Harrappa and Mohen- jo-daro ground to dust. A community which taught city life and communal living to the world was turned into Nomads.
The Sindhi refugees spread out over the length and breadth of Bharat (India) in search of safety, security and livelihood. Thus a community used to living together was separated like grains of sand and dispersed all over the country and the world. Sindhis as a community were in danger of losing their soul. There were fears as to whether this unique community would survive this dispersal. Whether they would retain their unique culture, sweet language, and resilient way of life was something no one was willing to bet on. Would Sindhis remain as nominal Sindhis in name only? Would they ever be united as a community again? These questions troubled a large number of Thinkers among the Sindhi community.
Under these circumstances it became essential for all Sindhis to organize, to come together. A strong community not only can save itself from extinction, but also can help its own progress. On 29 March 1979, on the day of Cheti Chand (the Sindhi new year) a few Sindhis Led by Shri. Jhamatmal T. Wadhwani, Shri. Hashu Parsram Advani, Shri. Hari Atmaram Samtani, Shri. Vasdev Valechha, Shri. Chatrasal A Mukta, Shri. Baldev Boolani, Smt. Ishwari L. Jetley Shri. K. T. Shahani, Shri. Mohan Motwani, Shri. Lakshman Chandiramani formed The Bharatiya Sindhu Sabha. The Mumbai Branch was inaugurated on the same date at the hands of Shri. L. K. Advani at a function presided over by Shri Hashu Advani The first all India meeting of the Bharatiya Sindhu Sabha was held in the year 1980 and was attended by 350 delegates from India and Abroad. The Bharatiya Sindhu Sabha was registered on 1st August 1980 under the societies Registration Act, 1860 (Maharashtra State Registration No. Bom432/80 GBBSD. ) The Bharatiya Sindhu Sabha, is registered as a charitable society and all donations to the Sabha are exempt from tax under section 80G of The Income Tax Act.
The first elected Central Governing Council of The Bharatiya Sindhu Sabha consisted of the following eminent persons:
  1.  Shri Jhamatmal Wadhwani (President)
  2.  Shri Hashu Advani (Vice President)
  3.  Shri Hari Atmaram Samtani (General Secretary)
  4.  Shri Vasdev Valechha (Treasurer)
  5.  Shri Chatrasal Mukta (Member)
  6.  Shri Baldev Boolani (Member)
  7.  Smt. Ishwari Jetley (Member)
  8.  Smt. Sheela Dudani (Member)
Ever since its inception, there has been no looking back for the Bharatiya Sindhu Sabha. In the 38 years of its existence Bharatiya Sindhu Sabha has more than eight thousand members on its rolls and around 200 branches across the country and thus is the largest single organization of Sindhis. For close to three decades BSS has been working to unify Sindhis and bring them on a common platform so that the Sindhi culture, language and the way of life could be preserved and not allowing it to be extinct. All India workers and Panchayat conferences are called at regular intervals to consider various issues pertaining to Sindhi community. The last conference was held at Indore in January 2007, which was highly successful with participation of more than 10,000 Sindhis from the country. Apart from this BSS is also active in helping needy Sindhis including students financially.