Organizational Structure & Membership
Bharatiya Sindhu Sabha   04-Jan-2021

The Bharatiya Sindhu Sabha has two categories of members.

Active Members:
Are those members selected by the governing council from among the ordinary members who are actively contributing to the growth of the Bharatiya Sindhu Sabha. They have voting rights and they vote for the membership of the Governing Council.

 Ordinary ( Sympathiser ) Members:
Any Sindhi who has paid the membership fee and joined the Bharatiya Sindhu Sabha. They do not have voting rights.

There is an All India Body consisting of :-
I) The Central Pratinidhi Sabha or General Body :
This Consists of Active Members from Each state / part of the Country ( as given below )

a) Maharashtra …15 Members
b) Gujarat …15 Members
c) Madhya Pradesh …15 Members
d) Rajasthan …15 Members
e) Uttar Pradesh …10 Members
f) Chattisgarh …10 Members
g) Delhi …03 Members
h) South India …02 Members
i) East India …04 Members

II) The Karyakarini or Governing Council :
This Consists of Active 39 Members who are a part of the Pratinidhi Sabha and have been elected to the Governing council.

III) The Office Bearers :

a) President ( 1)
b) Executive President (1)
c) Vice Presidents (3)
d) General Secretary (2)
e) Secretary (2)
f) Organising Secretary (1)
g) Addl. Organising Secretary (1)
h) Treasurer (1)
i) Office Secretary (1)
j) President Mahila Vibhag (1)
k) President Yuva Vibhag (1)

IV) The Mahila Wing :
There is a Mahila Wing consisting of Women Members Which also elects its own office bearers consisting of President, Executive President, Secretary, joint secretary.

V) The Yuva Vibhag :
There is a Yuva Vibhag for the Younger generation, which also elects its own office bearers consisting of President, Vice-Presidents, Secretary, Joint Secretary.


There are branches in each state and in all major cities.The Bharatiya Sindhu Sabha operates on the Parivar concept.  Each Branch is functionally and financially autonomous, separately registered, raises and spends its own funds, conducts its own programmes which are broadly conforming to the Aims and Objectives of the Bharatiya Sindhu Sabha.